Becoming a Client

Closeup of women signing papers in an office setting.


At the beginning of any new relationship, we set out to follow a disciplined process to get to know you, the client, and walk you through our understanding of your goals and objectives, as we look to tailor an investment plan for you.


Discovery meeting: Before any planning takes place, we discover what is important to you. To understand your values, goals, personal and professional relationships, assets, liabilities, and interest. We look to answer the questions: What challenges do you face? What keeps you up at night? What does financial success look like to you?


Analysis meeting: Where we will present to you your discovery profile, which reflects our understanding of what you've shared with us. Together, we will fine-tune our analysis as needed and share with you our initial thoughts on an investment plan for you.


Implementation: Based on an agreed upon investment strategy, we will present to you specific investment recommendations to pursue your goals. Together, we will decide if the proposal makes sense for you. If it does, we will enter into an agreement and use this plan as a blue print moving forward.​


Ongoing Review and Monitoring: While the initial investment proposal remains a blue print, in today's ever-changing investment world, it is vital to proactively review the investment strategies we have implemented for you. At a minimum, we will review your account on a quarterly basis and look to get together between once and twice a year to make sure that the strategies we have implemented continue to make sense for you. Constantly re-confirming your goals and risk tolerance to make any adjustments that may be necessary.